Resources for Community Preceptors


Preparing Your Office

The Practical Doc – Preparing to Teach

Resident Orientation Checklist

Orientation to Teaching

Preceptor Workbook 2012 (Dr. Adriaan Windt)

5 Adult Learning Principles (and how to apply them in the clinical setting)

Teaching Strategies & Tips

One Minute Preceptor (PDF)

The One Minute Preceptor and SNAPPS (Power Point Presentation)

A Patient Centered Approach to the One Minute Preceptor (Roth et al., Department of Family Medicine, Wayne State University)

The Practical Doc – Teaching Nuts and Bolts

Teaching Topics

Effective Questioning (Power Point Presentation)

Teaching Professionalism (Power Point Presentation)

The Hidden Curriculum (Power Point Presentation)

Generational Theory (2012 Teachers’ Toolbox presentation by Dr. Linlea Armstrong)

Group Facilitation Skills (2012 Teachers’ Toolbox presentation by Drs. Eva Knell & Douglas Cave)

Approaching Cultural Competency in Medical Education (2012 Teachers’ Toolbox presentation by Dr. Videsh Kapoor)

Graduated Responsibility (Power Point Presentation)

Triple C (and frameworks for competency-based teaching)

CFPC Triple C Toolkit

6 Skill Dimensions Summary

CanMEDS-FM Summary

CanMEDS-FM roles and Triple C for Faculty (Power Point Presentation by Dr. Willa Henry)

Resident Resilience

Safety Policy for Residents (Dr. Steve Beerman, Residence Resilience Subcommittee)


Providing Educational Feedback (from the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics Effective Preceptor Series)

The Practical Doc Guide to Feedback

Direct Observation Field Notes (video)

Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine’s Communication Skills Program

Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine’s Communication Skills Program – Feedback Guide

Learners in Difficulty

The Practical Doc – Learners in Difficulty

The Resident in Difficulty (Power Point Presentation)

Comprehensive Educational Modules for Preceptors

The British Columbia Preceptor Development Initiative

Other Links & Resources

Pearls & Pitfalls for Preceptors (The Nanaimo Site’s very own Youtube Channel, which covers many different topics).

The Practical Doc

Pearls for Preceptors Blog (The Department of Family Practice Postgraduate Program blog!)

eResources for Preceptors (PDF from Teachers’ Toolkit 2010)

Teaching Skills for Community Preceptors from The UBC Faculty of Medicine Office for Faculty Development

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Guide for Preceptors

Dr. Simon Moore’s Resource for Office Emergencies

This Changed My Practice (UBC CPD)

The Canadian Family Physician’s Teaching Moment Series

Teaching Moment – Ethics

Teaching Moment – Communication Skills

Teaching Moment – Structured Teaching and Assessment

Teaching Moment – End of Life Care

Teaching Moment – Triple 3

Teaching Moment – Difficult Patients